*SOLD* Unit 15 160 Acres Quaking Aspen – Catron County



Our 160 acre Unit 15 Quaking Aspen parcel of the old Little Alegres Ranch is quite a beautiful ranch.  Located off Dripping Vat County Road, with gorgeous views of both the Little and Big Alegres Mountains, our 160 acre Quaking Aspen would make a tremendous home site.  With Pinion and Juniper trees, knee-high gramma grass, view of Elk, Deer and Turkey what else could a ranch owner want or even need?  Owner financing can be available.  Make sure you see Quaking Aspen property soon before it’s gone!!!

I also have two additional properties close by for sale: Gray Dogwood, 168 acres and Mimosa 160 acres.

Price:  $200,000