Unit 12, Ghost Wind Ranch

Ghost Wind Ranch has been carefully developed with three priorities in mind. Remote, Quality, and Relaxed.

As you drive South from Fence Lake you understand the quiet, beautiful, and intoxicating effect silence has on the soul. As you pass through the locked gate you have the promise that you are entering something very special indeed. You wind along an improved road once known only by the Apache and Navajo scouts and later the 9th Cavalry as they patrolled this frontier of American expansion. At over 7,400 feet elevation, the nights are cool and the days are clear and the Views… ah the Views.

Lying on Santa Rita Mesa the 21st century is at your feet. The property has two installed septic systems that support the hangar and the RV that also convey with the property. a 4,000 foot aircraft runway, the surface is prepared and is maintained by a scrapped and a front loader, that also convey with the land.

The Ranch lies within GMU 12 and hosts many elk, mule deer, bear, and mountain lion. The current owner has never requested landowner tags, but the property has cover, great forage, and with water, it would qualify very high as a game friendly property.

This property is offered at just $1,000 per acre and will serve you and your family for now and well into the future.

Call Lee Scholes at 575-838-7498 for a showing.