Buying land is the American dream in the “Land of Enchantment”, one that we can enjoy as outdoor enthusiasts, ranchers, farmers, recreational enthusiasts and overall landownership. Finding that perfect property takes research, analysis and land expertise that the brokers at New Mexico Outdoor Properties specialize in and offer to every one of our clients. We offer years of experience in areas such as lending, game enhancement, appraisals, land management, trusts, real estate portfolio management, 1031 tax exchanges and conservation easements. We have the knowledge base and experience to assist buyers with any type of real estate transaction, including:

  • ESTABLISHING YOUR NEEDS: We’ll help you narrow down your interests, requirements and search criteria for finding your property. Our team’s experience is invaluable when asking beginning questions about owning or managing land.
  • FINDING THE RIGHT PROPERTY: Our network represents extraordinary properties across the west, and we hope to find you the property of your dreams. If we don’t have the right property for you, no doubt we can find that property through our massive search tools that our brokers have at their fingertips.
  • PROFESSIONAL REPRESENTATION: From beginning steps to finding your property to closing, plus and wildlife habitat enhancement, leases and water and mineral rights assistance, we’ll represent your interests through the buying process with professionalism, ethics and trust.
  • PORTFOLIO GROWTH: If you’re adding to a collection of properties or seeking to invest in multiple properties to establish a real estate portfolio or trust, we can help research the best properties available that will meet your goals for the collection, be it return on investment, hunting or recreational benefits, or overall property assets and attributes.
  • VALUATIONS: With many appraisers in our network and excellent knowledge of land values across the State, we can offer existing and new broker opinion of values that can greatly assist you when making a real estate transaction decision.

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